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Traditional Labor Practice

Traditional Labor Practice

The experience of the firm’s traditional labor practice has resulted in the development of distinctive and highly successful labor strategies in both union and nonunion environments, and we believe that our labor experience is virtually unmatched by any firm.

Union Avoidance 

In terms of union campaign strategies, the key to winning any campaign is establishing and maintaining the company’s credibility while allowing the union to destroy its own. We find that rewards, guarantees, and “draw-them-in” techniques are highly effective in this regard. We also find that a surgical, progressive approach to employee communication is preferable to a shotgun approach which attacks the union from the first meeting. We typically counsel managers to address employee concerns before presenting the disadvantages of union representation to employees. Employees should believe that the company is taking the high road. This will enable the company, if necessary, to utilize increasingly harder-hitting attacks against the union as the campaign progresses

Contract Negotiations/Collective Bargaining/Arbitration

Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in collective bargaining negotiations with all major unions. We have also provided mock negotiations and training sessions to prepare clients for upcoming collective bargaining sessions. This often involves the formulation of strategy as a company approaches the contract negotiations: the evaluation of proposals, both economic and operational, that affect the management of facilities; handling disputes, whether grievances, arbitrations, or work stoppages at organized facilities; and the handling of unionized and non-unionized operations and the broader considerations of the relationship between management and labor organizations of companies operating on a local and national basis.


Our attorneys have decades of experience in representing clients in every kind of NLRB procedure. Our expertise is also routinely utilized in preventive counseling. Our national practice allows us to provide legal and practical advice for facilities throughout the country. By representing a client at all of its locations, we are better able to provide cost effective, consistent advice on issues that are often common to several sites. We are also able to constantly monitor the effectiveness of client preventive programs and advise clients on the areas in which their policies or practices may need to be modified or refined. We are experienced in advising clients about the appropriate labor posture for facilities based on research concerning local labor climates. We regularly assist clients in negotiating favorable collective bargaining agreements.

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