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ERISA Defense

New York ERISA Law Firm Defends Against Actions Arising from Retirement and Insurance Plans

Lake Success attorneys helping clients counter allegations of improper management and decisions

Benefit plans covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, attract all types of litigation. Companies are often faced with hostile actions even when the alleged misconduct has nothing to do with plan administration, such as an investment decline. If your firm is being charged with an ERISA violation, Milman Labuda Law Group PLLC attorneys have the experience and knowledge to advocate in your defense. Our background in the technical, procedural and substantive aspects of ERISA claims can help you achieve the result you seek.

New York attorneys providing diligent opposition to employee claims

At Milman Labuda Law Group PLLC, our lawyers counsel clients on all types of ERISA cases, including:

  • Alleged fiduciary breaches Fiduciary representatives such as plan administrators and investment advisers have important responsibilities. However, plaintiffs’ attorneys sometimes hold them to an impossible standard. Our background in ERISA litigation helps us to draw the crucial distinction in court between innocuous drops in value and authentic fiduciary violations.
  • Adverse decision disputes When employees don’t agree with a benefit determination, our attorneys understand how the law protects the decision-making process. We start with a thorough evaluation of the administrative record and diligently pursue each possible defense.
  • Class actions Volatility in the investment market or general plan revisions can expose large employers to class-action lawsuits. We have the experience to help defeat class certification when possible and maximize your chances to win on the merits.

No matter what type of claim you face, our attorneys provide the thorough defense you need in an efficient manner that respects your bottom line.

Skilled New York advisers helping businesses defeat and avoid ERISA lawsuits

The optimal outcome of any benefits issue is to end it before it even reaches the litigation stage. We provide detailed advice on managing benefit plans and procedures. We have the financial, administrative and healthcare knowledge to assist in practical training and oversight.

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At Milman Labuda Law Group PLLC, we provide a strong defense to employer plan fiduciaries facing allegations under ERISA. Call (888) 341-4153 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. The firm is conveniently located in Lake Success and represents clients throughout New York.

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